IAM Therapy - To be in peace and love -

Koichi Toyama (Founder)


Koichi's mission is to help people find their true inner selves, in addition to healing severe physical and emotional problems.
  Through healing people, he has begun a life long journey to learn and improve his spiritual power and to understand his own identity and gain a better understanding of the universe.
  He is originally from Japan, and pursued educational studies in Korea and the United States for seven years, receiving a Master's Degree in Genetic Engineering (GMO). After realizing his uncomfortable feeling in this career, he left his seven year-career of genetic engineering completely.
  When he returned to Japan from USA, he stayed at two natural farms for six months, where he changed his diet to vegetarian (vegan). By becoming vegetarian, his intuition became increased, and he realized that he would become a therapist. Through learning several healing techniques from a Japanese master and healing patients with the technique, his senses regarding the human body continued to become stronger and stronger.
  By 2007, Koichi developed a very systematic and effective healing technique of his own that can release physical pain with sending combinations of bioenergetic signals.  Immediately after developing the new healing technique, he embarked on travels abroad to continue his healing work and development, arriving in Spain as a starting point of his world tour.
  In Spring of 2009, Koichi developed the technique which can release emotional pains and physical pains at once.
  In early Summer, 2010, he developed the technique which can release the core cause of all pains and fears, which is common to every human being.
  His journey continues at present.